What Is Link Building?

What is link building? It’s the building of links back to your website from all across the internet. When there are myriad sites linking back to your site, the search engines determine that your site is run by a real person and contains real, valuable content. Other sites can link to any of your site’s pages; it doesn’t have to be the home page. There are several methods of establishing links. * Create A ‘Link To Me’ Page This is as simple as it sounds.

Dedicate a page on your website that welcomes (okay, encourages) links back to your site. Give clear instructions on how to do it. You can offer your site’s icon and banner ads to be placed on other sites, too. It’s wise to require that other sites ask permission before linking to you. I’m also strongly advising that you check out all site links before accepting another site’s link onto your own site. * Link Exchanges Between Sites This is quite simple, too.

It’s much the same way Twitter operates for those who are concerned with the number of followers and generally disregard the content from any of them. A lot of profiles command ‘Follow me and I’ll follow you!’ It doesn’t seem to matter to anyone that those who are agreeing to follow each other might have absolutely nothing in common. Search engines now strive for real connections. They don’t want to see a doll repair site linked to a casino site. Quality finally comes before quantity. Establish highly relevant links back to your site and don’t host links that have absolutely nothing in common with the contents of your site. * Guest Blogging Write a guest post on someone else’s blog. Provide a link back to your own blog. Be sure that the article somehow ties in with content on the page you link back to. * Marketing Articles Submit your writing to article directories and other websites. Create a resource (author) box with a link back to your own site.

This is one of the most popular methods of link building. Anyone who reads your article and wants to know more about you or read more articles written by you will click the provided link. * Review Sites In exchange for providing a quality review on other sites, you’re given a signature line. Be sure that the reviews are related to the content of the page used for the backlink. Link building is a key marketing tool. It’s the best way to drive more traffic to your site. More traffic means the opportunity to acquire more subscribers and make more sales. The search engines consider the number of links pointing to your site when determining your site’s page ranking. There are plenty of link building tools available to analyze your site’s backlinks, suggest relevant site links and list the links used by your competitors. Keyword research tools can assist in tracking down more article directories and blogs with content related to your site. To make it all work for you, don’t just ask yourself ‘what is link building?’ – ask ‘what is relevant link building?’