How To Promote A Digital Product

Once I learned how to promote a digital product, I felt like I was given the combination to the vault. The online promotional strategies are the same as with tangible products but it’s much easier and far more profitable to deliver digital goods. All it takes to go from making a little extra money to making an infinite, livable income is good marketing. An Easy, Affordable Start I couldn’t afford a website when I started out. I sold my first digital product on eBay. I didn’t know anything about SEO or LSI. My product fell into a narrow niche and ranked well in Google search results even though it was only listed on eBay.

I had a free email program that offered password-protected file sharing. Each time I made a sale, a time-limited password was issued to the buyer who then had temporary access to the digital content. Anyone can use this crude start-up method. Nothing is a greater motivator than the slightest taste of success. Make A Dedicated Digital Product Site Encouraged by the results of listing with eBay, I created a site for selling my digital product. I wrote promotional content that used appropriate SEO techniques and LSI keywords. Every photo’s caption had SEO-rich keywords. Every paragraph had sub-headers. A video presentation was directly on the site. Testimonials were in place. PayPal and credit cards were the payment options. E-Junkie handled the digital delivery (up to ten products or a total of 50MB) for a $5 monthly fee. I was ready to market, sell and deliver. Marketing And Social Networking I sent an email to everyone on my contact list.

They could be added to my mailing list to receive exclusive promotional offers. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace (yes, it’s still alive) are all good sites for free promotion. It’s as easy as posting a link to the product page when making a subtle update post. To really get things jumping, start a contest or offer something for free to every visitor to your site. Promote, Promote And Promote Exchange links with relevant sites. Join associated groups and forums. Place your website link in your signature and in your profiles. Submit articles to content directories like Squidoo, eHow and Ezine, adding your link in your resource (author) box. Arrange to write guest articles with a byline and link back to your site. Consider JV (joint venture) opportunities so you can advertise in newsletters in exchange for a commission on any generated sales. Put A Sales Team To Work For You A good product and great marketing can reap substantial profits with moderate effort.

My site content is updated routinely to keep the search engines happy. I also post updates to all of the social media sites, groups and forums. Step it up with an affiliate marketing program like eJunkie or ClickBank. Shop around for the best deal. Although commissions and fees can run high, keep in mind that you’ll have an unlimited sales force marketing your product. While affiliates are busy selling your product for you, you can be busy making a new digital product. It isn’t difficult. Tweak the one you already have. Add something new. Change the packaging and the title. Offer some peripheral products like a CD or DVD. Now that you’ve learned how to promote a digital product, you can do it over and over again. There’s no limit to the number of products you can have or the money you can make. It works for me. Now put it to work for you.